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Welcome to CinchMD. Our mission is to provide medical practitioners exemplary satisfaction through all our back office services, solutions,  and products. This simple approach has effectively fueled our growth since we opened our doors in 2000. Our services have stretched well beyond medical transcription and bi-lingual real-time patient documentation. Therefore, please browse our site to discover ...

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All of our services are uniquely designed to work with you and to exceed your expectations.  For more detailed and personalized inquires, please click on the  button below.

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CinchMD makes it easy for each and every provider to get the results they desire swiftly, accurately, and consistently. Levering easy to use technologies  enables our clients the confidence to work smarter; not harder!

Bi-Lingual Virtual Specialist

Certified and accredited medically trained professionals capable to work and speak in many languages will be  assigned per provider to engage and complete tasks required by the provider and their EMR system

Workflow Engineering

Acknowledged in mastering documentation capture, creation, delivery, revisions, retrieval, storage, and distribution all while surpassing the industry's security mandates

Enterprise solutions

Working with a reliable cost sensitive partner is priceless for the practice that is focused on growth and achieving more in their marketplace. CinchMD provides services and solutions that link together to form a strong reliable partnership!


"Wow! Making the decision to switch our documentation services was truly a Cinch!" "We are very pleased with the partnership we have formed."

Andrea Smith, Practice Administrator NANI



Main Tel.   224.633.3421

Address.   21720 W Long Grove Rd

                  Suite C #202

                  Deer Park IL 60010

eMail. customer.services@cinchmd.com

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