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Physician burnout due to elective & exhaustive practicing behavior

Throughout +17 years servicing the medical industry there have been "so-called advancements" that have compounded and created exhaustive responsibilities and burdens on providers. EMR & EHR systems are GREAT! Although, they are databases plain and simple...Taking a practice's most expensive asset aka a provider, and requiring them to do "data entry" vs seeing patients is just BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE! The avg waste of a provider's time standing in front of an EMR/EHR system and entering data (typically redundant or vague due to the provider wanting to just get through this monotonous task...).

How did the carpenter that hammered nail by nail get more efficient and effective with their day? Well simple, they found assistance from tools like nail guns and cordless screwdrivers... The hammer was never retired, but only used for the small project otherwise, the workhorses for the craftsman for bigger projects have become overwhelming used by many craftsman due to efficiencies, effectiveness, and profitability of the tradesman's time. Hmmm, this is a great practiced example of working smarter NOT HARDER. How does a provider today get the large task of entering, patient info into an EMR/EHR correctly, uniquely, swiftly, and consistently?

Perhaps like the provider themselves that have specialized we have stumbled upon a NEW opening which would declare a "Medical Coordinator" to be well versed in entry, and utilization of such instruments to best assist providers... Practice Administrators are challenged today more so then before with identifying this BURNOUT and addressing the NEED for creating this sort of position/tool for their provider. and practice. Yes Physicians are primarily caregivers, however; their services are still a business and need to act as such. Thank you for reading, and please let me know your thoughts. Lastly, thank you in advance for your feedback.


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