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Digital Health Platform

Patient Education, Tele-Health, and Remote Patient Monitoring all  inclusive pricing. Cloud based solution offering instant access and setup. Per user pricing (All one fee)

Remote Patient Monitoring

Virtually interact, notify, and report on patient's conditions without inconveniencing the patient 

Patient Encounter Completion

Patient encounter notes and procedures returned and completed directly into any Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) 20min- 24hr TAT 

Mobile speech to text 

Increase your smart phone's intelligence with a mobile APP that converts voice into text that can direct completed notes to EMR, secure cloud storage, and/or printer.

RCM Services

Tailored services ranging from pre-authorization, billing, coding, collections and more bundled or separated

Patient Education Tools

Personalized & Catalogued information specific to disease state and medications. Simply text or email instantly


1 platform additionally including a tele-health solution offering: tracking, billing and coding from 1 platform

Real-Time Documentation

Instant completion of patient notation and fulfillment while keeping a natural highly efficient workflow 


Electronic typed and returned encounter files. 1hr-24hr TAT

Exceptional Healthcare Services & Solutions

Simple. We want to succeed with you and we are willing to prove it!

Work with the industry's best professionals in their fields

Using CinchMD as a service extension of your team will help your growth!

We embrace that each of our customer's needs maybe be unique and our flexible services reflect that.

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